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Garden of Lights for the first time in Belgrade!

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Park location

ADA Ciganlija , Belgrade
The start Makishke sides

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Park opening status

3/11/2023 - 29/01/2024

Monday Thursday
garden : 16.00-20.00,
ticket office : 15.45-19.30

Friday-Sunday, holidays
garden : 16.00-21.00,
ticket office : 15.45-20.30


Monday Thursday
garden : 17.00-20.00,
ticket office : 16.45-19.30

Friday-Sunday, holidays
garden : 17.00-21.00,
ticket offices : 16.45-20.30

The garden is closed
December 24, 2023 and December 31, 2023 Years

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Price list

Ticket types:

Normal ticket (Monday-Thursday) - 900.00 dinars
Normal ticket (Friday-Sunday) - 1,100.00 dinars
Discount ticket* (Monday-Thursday) - 700.00 dinars
Discount ticket* (Friday-Sunday) - 800.00 dinars
Ticket for a child up to 100 cm - 50.00 dinars

Regular seasonal entrance fee - 2,700.00 dinars
Reduced season ticket* - 2,100.00 dinars
Season ticket for a child up to 100 cm - 50.00 dinars

* Reduced ticket available :
- children up to 12 years old
- to persons over 60 years years
- persons with disabilities and theirs guardian

The weekend prices valid from December 27 to 29 , 2023 .

Black Days at Garden of Lights!

Pay once, visit every day! Season ticket for the price of a single weekend ticket!

The season pass allows you to enter on any day and time throughout the season. The promotion is valid online and at the box offices located in the exhibitions area. The Black Days promotion lasts until Sunday, 26.11 at 11:59 pm.

Don't delay! Take advantage of the promotion and plan magical moments with your loved ones today!

Exhibition "Alice in Wonderland" 2023/24

Alice in Wonderland in Belgrade, is a luminous secret garden that will transport you into the fairy-tale world of a little girl who believes in an orderly surrounding reality. A visit to Wonderland will change her perception. This is a beautiful tale about growing up and learning about the world.

Following the luminous trails you will look into the Rabbit's Den, meet the smiling Cheshire Cat, pipe-smoking Mr. Caterpillar and take part in the Crazy Afternoon Party, and finally visit Queen Kier in the castle.

You will see luminous vines, a multimedia meadow and a tunnel.

Alice in Wonderland does not present the world as we see it every day, but shows it in a dream, and dreams are governed by different laws. Spectacular light installations, with a full soundtrack, will transport you to the world of fairy tales.

These are not all the attractions for children that await you. You can take part in gamification, a special game with prizes, and thanks to photo-points you will immortalize your visit to our garden of lights.

Plan a visit

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How to get there

Check it out how to reach us publicly by transportation .

The bus:
55, 56, 56L, 87, 87A, 89, 91, 92, 511, 511N, 551, 553, 860, 860A, 860B, 860E, 860J, 860M, 860

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There is a large parking lot right next to the exhibition.

Yes , we have large parking immediately next to ours gardens with 2000 spaces for cars.

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The exhibition is accessible to people with disabilities.

The exhibition is accessible to people with disabilities thanks to a special route and queue-free service.

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Admission without animals

It is impossible to enter the exhibition area with a pet.

Out of concern for the welfare of pets, pets are prohibited from entering the show area at our exhibitions, with the exception of guide dogs. The light and sound effects are intended for our human guests and may not be tolerated by domestic pets. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation in this matter.

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Exhibition Regulations


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Own food and drink

It is impossible to enter the exhibition area with your own food and drink.



Price list

Single ticket from

900 dinarsregular Mon-Thu

One-time admission on the day and time of your choice.

Season ticket from

2.700 dinarsnormal

Entry on any day and time throughout the season.

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1 200 000


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Participating countries

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130 621


FAQ - frequently asked questions


Can I pay for my ticket with a currency other than RSD?

We accept cash payments only in RSD. Card payment can be made in any currency - it will be billed according to your bank's price list.

Can a ticket be purchased in advance and how long does it remain valid?

A single ticket can be purchased in advance. It is valid on the day of the tour, until it is punched. When buying a ticket at the ticket office, remember that prices depend on the date of your visit, so tell the cashier when you want to visit us.

How long is a ticket purchased online valid?

A single-use ticket is valid on the day of the selected tour date until it is punched. A season ticket is valid for the entire duration of the exhibition.

Can I buy group tickets?

We do not sell group tickets.

Is it possible to purchase an entire season ticket?

Yes, we have a season ticket on sale. Take a look at our price list

Is it possible to return a purchased ticket?

It is possible to return a ticket only if the exhibition is closed for reasons beyond our control, caused, for example, by a force majeure that prevents the exhibition from opening or a technical failure such as electricity. Details can be found in our terms and conditions.

Should I buy a ticket for an infant?

Yes, we have a special ticket for him for 50.00 RSD.

Can I rebook my ticket?

Yes, it is possible to reschedule your appointment, ask the hotline for details.

Can tickets be purchased at the ticket offices?

Yes, the ticket offices open 15 minutes before the opening of the exhibition.

Is there a discounted ticket for people with disabilities in the Garden?

Yes. A one-way discount ticket costs 700.00 RSD on Monday-Thursday, and 800.00 RSD on Fridays, weekends and holidays. A reduced season ticket valid every day for the duration of the exhibition costs 2,100.00 RSD. The caregiver is also entitled to a discount.


Can you bring your own food and drink to Garden of Lights?

We invite you to take advantage of the gastronomic offer. There are catering outlets in the park, offering, among others, snacks and warming drinks. You are not allowed to bring your own food into the exhibition area and smoking tobacco products and electronic cigarettes is strictly prohibited. Electronic cigars are allowed in open spaces and in molls. Cigars with tabacco we can allow onlz in part where people will eat or drink coffee etc.. ouside.

I want to read the regulations of Garden Of Lights, where can I find them?

You can find the Garden Of Lights regulations at www.gardenoflights.com

Can Garden of Lights attractions be used by people with disabilities?

Yes, the alleys are adapted to the needs of people with disabilities.

Is it possible to enter the Garden of Lights area with a pet?

Out of concern for the welfare of pets, pets are not allowed in our exhibitions with the exception of guide dogs. The light and sound effects are intended for our human guests and may not be tolerated by domestic pets. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation in this matter.

Is it possible to take photos and videos on the Garden of Lights grounds?

Of course 😊 On the premises of Garden of Lights you can take photos and record videos. For professional video shoots, please send your request to EMAIL: info.belgrade@gardenoflights.com. Each request is considered by us individually.

Are Garden of Lights present on social media?

Yes, on Facebook and Instagram.

How to get to Garden of Lights?

Our Garden is located in Park Makiš, Belgrade. Our Garden is located in Park Makiš, Belgrade. Entrence is located on Makiš side at the beginning of Ada lake after big parking space from JKP Parking Servis and before beach and restaurants. You can reach us by: By buses: 55,56, 56L, 87, 87A, 89, 91, 92, 511, 511N, 551, 553,860, 860A, 860B, 860E, 860J, 860M, 860S, 861A


Is it possible to publish photos taken at Garden of Lights?

Of course 😊 We'd love it if you mention us on FB or Instagram.

How long does a visit last?

Book a minimum of one hour, but if you want you can stay longer with us.

Can you bring children of any age?

Yes, our exhibitions are enjoyed by any age group .

Is there a restroom at Garden of Lights?

Yes, free restrooms are located at the entrance/exit to the exhibition.

Is it possible to eat or drink at the Garden?

Yes, you are welcome to take advantage of the food and beverage offerings. There are food and beverage outlets in the park, where we offer snacks and warming drinks, among other things.

What should I do if I lost something in the Garden?

Report to the Garden's ticket office during opening hours or email info.belgrade@gardenoflights.com. You can also call our hotline. Describe the problem, leave your phone number, and we will try to help.

Other Garden of Lights exhibitions in the 2023/24 season